Plaza Park during a stormy night.


Plaza Park is one of the largest settlements on Mirth. It is constantly undergoing expansion and has grown to incorporate old Q Inc. Territory on that planet. For information on the actual park named Plaza Park, click here.


  • Flag Shoope
  • Water Station
  • Fishing Supply Shack
  • Governor's Mansion
  • Wood Museum
  • Toy Shoppe
  • Kosher Jewelry
  • Plaza Park Emporium
  • Plaza Park Town Hall
  • Spooky House
  • Roger's Shrubbery
  • Pumpkin Store
  • JKEnterprises Official Home for the Criminally Insane
  • Sunshine Estates
  • Plaza Park
  • C418 Music Store 2
  • The Wiener Dog
  • Paco's Tacos
  • The Spaghetti Bowl

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