Captain Nicolas Cage is a 5-star Admiral in the JKEnterprises Fleet, and is also a renowned space pioneer. He is credited with discovering Mirth and many more planets.


Nicolas Cage studied military tactics at the JKEIU, where he then was drafted into the Qunic Wars. He was heralded as a hero for saving an entire fleet from an ambush at the Battle of Memeous-Alpha. After the Qunic Wars, he was deployed by JKEnterprises to uncharted regions of the galaxy for the purpose of exploration and expansionism, he then discovered Mirth. Nic has been awarded a total of 58 awards, which include: the JKEnterprises Metal of Honor, Memeous-Alpha Freshness Award, Military General of the Year, Sexiest Man Alive, and the OSAA Sportsmanship Award.

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