Kaptain Kyle Drake Butz is the current owner of Taco Inc., the largest food distributor in the known galaxy. He is known for his love of rubik's cubes and carpeted walls. Kyle was appointed to a position uniquely created for him: Kaptain. The JKEnterprises Officials gave him this position as to discourage him from sending any more spam-mail requesting that he be given a rank in the JKE government system.

He is hailed as the hero who defeated the Monster of Maybe, and has been awarded the JKEnterprises Medal of Bravery and Outstanding Feats for his victory. When asked about how he defeated the monster, he responded, "Dude, I'm not gonna tell you! Now leave me alone!" He has since had his JKEnterprises Monthly Person of the Year nomination withdrawn.


Kyle is a very interesting looking individual. He wears large glasses and almost never takes off his home-made Tron: Legacy cosplay outfit.