Description Edit

Clayton VanDyke is a television actor, screenwriter, salesperson, and personality. He is the founder of the production company VigilanteLLC, and has since then become one of the wealthiest people in the known universe. His most prominent portion of his career is infomercials.

Biography Edit

Clayton was born on an Earth Evacuation Vessel after the destruction of Earth. He grew up on Earthtwo with his family, but eventually relocated to attend the JKEnterprises School of Arts. He studied to be a stage actor until he changed majors and went to JKEIU to earn his masters in communications and advertising. He quickly landed an internship with Keps TV and worked his way up from there.

One day at Keps TV, Clayton was on the camera crew to shoot for a telethon that aimed to raise awareness for imprisoned vending machines in Q Inc., but one of the spokespeople, Vince Offer, called in sick. Clayton volunteered himself to take Vince's place, knowing that he was the only person in the room that had past acting experience. He quickly ran into the camera shot as it started recording. He then tripped and knocked a tower of soda cans over, and he instantly became a dank meme.

His popularity sky-rocketed and he was given a promotion to a full time television advertiser by Keps TV. He continued his work for Keps TV for 7 years before quitting and forming his advertising and production company, VigilanteLLC. Since the creation of his company, he has become an internet star and has written for one television program, one internet cartoon, and one movie.

Creative Works Edit

  • The Shenanigans of Clayton and Friends
  • Undertale (Film)
  • House M.M.C.

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